The Mandalorian's Latest Episode Was... Horror??? Yes, yes It Was.

And it was amazing.

I love The Mandalorian. It's one of the highest quality, biggest budget TV series to ever bless our screens. And I love the western vibe, and unconventional way they progress their plot with numerous entertaining side quests.

But it's not a horror show. So I haven't been able to talk about it on this site...

Until now.

The latest episode, the second episode of this season, (a.k.a. chapter 10) was the most horror themed that Star Wars has ever gotten. At least on screen.

Slight Spoilers Ahead

The episode had The Mandalorian escorting a frog like creature to a planet where she could store her eggs. But on the way there, they get attacked by two X-Wing fighters. Their ship then crash lands on an ice covered planet.

What follows next is not for the squeamish.

In the deep dark tombs of the ice planet, Baby Yoda accidently awakens thousands upon thousands of spider like creatures, that look more like germs you see under a telescope. And with them, is one giant ass spider we can only assume is the mom.

The episode than proceeds to be a claustrophobic, tense, and creepy creature feature.

I don't want to say anymore because you should check it out for yourself. Even if you're not a Star Wars fan, but a horror fan, this episode is worth a watch.

Check the episode out on Disney Plus!!

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