The Most Underrated Horror Film of 2017

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

I just watched The Autopsy of Jane Doe... What an incredibly creepy and well-paced film. "But Kai, that movie came out in 2017!" I KNOW, but better late than never, right?


I am sure I'm not the only one late to the party, but it's okay. The Bloody Pulp is here to cleanse you of the same sins I once carried burden to.

Now hear, hear. Heed my words, take my advice.


A Coroners Office, A Father and Son and an unidentified Jane Doe.

What begins a simple Autopsy becomes increasingly bizarre, bloody and twisted. Enough said.


Listen, we all know Horror can sometimes be known for some... Well, not too great acting. It's easy to be turned off by the sea of schlock that comes with the genre. Readers rejoice, this is not one of those films.

Over the years, Horror has become infamous for it's acting. But what about the fact it has also produced many of the greatest performances of our time? Now... When we think of a great performances, what do we think? Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Linda Blair in The Exorcist. Most recently, Toni Collete in Hereditary.

Mark Wahlberg in The Happening (WHAT!? NO!...)

But seriously. All those performances are emotional and brilliant... And in the case of Mark Wahlberg, are Oscar worthy (Take an interest in Science. The bees are vanishing!)

The standout in this movie however isn't for the reason you'd expect. Imagine not moving? Being so stiff, that you appeared dead. The most difficult, and possibly best, performance is done by Olwen Kelly, who plays the titular Jane Doe. Even director André Øvredal said she had the hardest role! Laying on a table, not twitching, itching or squirming? Amazing.


They aren't shy about gore, yet it never feels overwhelming.

André managed to perfectly capture the atmosphere in a way that left me uneasy from start to finish. The film has eerie sound design, stunning lighting, and realistic bloody prosthetics.


My one gripe was the conclusion to the film. Not only did it come off as a bit far-fetched (How could they have possibly figured out who she was the way they did!)

Personally, based on the information they had, I felt like it was plausible that someone might jump to the idea, though it was definitely a bit of a logical leap. But hey, it’s a horror film. We all go into them with a suspension of disbelief, right?

And to be fair, I can tell that the ending will land with more grace after the second watch.

But, my biggest issue with this movie is…


The cat dies :’( ... Poor Stanley...


Not quite as good as The Happening but still amazing.

What other reasons that make this movie amazing did I miss? Or, what makes this

movie terrible?

And what is your favorite line from The Happening... Seriously, that movie is a masterpiece.

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