'The New Mutants' Conjures up $7 Million Opening Weekend After Massive Delays!

The Question is : Was it Worth the Wait?

Talk about an underdog story. The New Mutants, the long awaited X-Men Horror spin-off, has officially release have YEARS of delays. Not only is it just now releasing, but it's releasing during a PANDEMIC.

The story of the film follows a group of five young mutants who are brought to a institution with the promise they will be cured of the dangers of their powers.

Despite concerns of release, it appears this film is a success. Disney utilized the reopening of theaters to just get this movie out after endless waiting. Analysts say the film more than likely would have made $14 Million or more this weekend, but with COVID-19 restriction made $7 Million it's first weekend. Not too bad.

Are you planning on going to the theaters during the pandemic to check this one out? Let us know in the comments!

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