The Original Losers' Club, From IT, Are Reuniting!

Hopefully their reunion also draws out a certain dancing clown!

Before the amazing 2017 adaptation (and it's 2019 sequel), this was the original Losers' Club! And they were by far one of the best aspects of the original 1990 made for TV mini-series.

And now they are coming back together!

It has just been announced that they will be present at the Salem Horror Fest! And they will get their very own panel to discuss various things. From the making of film, to how Stephen King's work as affected their lives.

The newer IT films are some of my personal favorite horror films of all time. And the original novel is, of course, one of my favorite novels of all time. And the mini-series, which introduced me to King's sick Pennywise creation, certainly holds a special place in my heart as well.

This years Salem Horror Fest will be streamed digitally between October 1-11, and you can get your passes HERE!

In the meantime though, watch the original mini-series HERE or by clicking on the link below!!


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