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'The People Under The Stairs' Remake By Get Out Director Jordan Peele

Wes Craven 91' horror satire is getting a remake

Win Rosenfield and Jordan Peele will be working together to produce a remake of Craven's 1991 horror satire The People Under The Stairs. How much of Peele's involvement besides directing has not been acknowledged in Collider's report of the story, but I do hope he has some writing credit.

The original had three troublemakers attempting to steal a rare coin collection from a home before becoming trapped inside.

The film, while being horrific, was a satire in the form of social commentary as the homeowners were racists compared to Ronald and Nancy Reagan.

I would love to see Jordan Peele's twist on this film as he is doing wonders for the black community in film, strictly casting African American actors and actresses in movies such as Get Out and Us. The film is so relevant today and deserves proper care from Peele.

This is the first remake of a Wes Craven film since he passed in 2015 while he was working on a TV series version of the film that never followed through.

Craven's vision will come back to tackle today's problems in this anticipated remake.

Have you watched the original film? Did you like it?

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