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The Search for 'In Search Of Darkness Part 2' Has Come To An End

The horror documentary featuring interviews, untold stories, and behind the scenes.

The whopping four-hour documentary that you can watch now on Shudder is receiving a second addition. Any time I can dive back into the golden age of the 80's I take advantage of it. It's amazing the interviews they captured during the first part with the people who worked on and off-screen of all the most iconic 80's horror films.

The documentary also allowed super-fans of the genre that currently work in horror-based professions to be part of the show. For example, the below trailer is posted by Carnage Counts, a YouTube channel that counts total deaths in movies.

A pre-sale campaign is currently in the works from now until Halloween for the physical copy of In Search of Darkness Part 2. The physical copy will consist of 3 posters, a collectible enamel pin, your name in the credits, and more. The name in the credits is most intriguing and I'll list off the prices for each because they're wild!

Fan Credit (Stock Price) - $69.99

Associate Producer - $1,250.00

Producer - $3,000

Executive Producer - $6,000

To be honest, if I had the money to spend I might have gone for the Executive Producer slot. These prices are absolutely botched in my opinion unless you get more than the credit slot.

Anyway, some of the new interviews will feature Robert Englund, Clancy Brown, Tom Savini, Nancy Allen, Steve Johnson, Linnea Quigley, and more. All of the movies of the 80's weren't covered in the four-hour presentation, so they're coming back to talk about Maniac Cop, House, and Shocker. If you are a die-hard 80's fan there is way more in store for you, for CreatorVC will allow you exclusive all-access for 12 months on its community established discord to be part of the horror community.

Speculations go as follows... This pre-sale goes until Halloween so we believe the digital and or physical will be coming around that time.

Are you a fan of physical over digital or vice versa?