THE SIXTH SENSE Was Released 21 Years Ago Today

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

21 years ago today, one of my favorite writer/directors came into the scene in a big way.

Not many directors debut in such a fashion as M Night Shyamalan (Signs, The Village, Split) did. The Sixth Sense was critically acclaimed upon release, and has clearly stood the test of time. I officially declare, with the power of the Pulp Cult, that August 6th shall henceforth be known as Sixth Sense day. It's official.

Say what you will about M. Night's filmography, but he is the director that showed me there is more to film than spectacle.

With a top notch Bruce Willis (Die Hard, Unbreakable) performance, a child performance from Haley Joel Osment that raised the bar, and a twist ending that made twist endings common place. There's a lot to celebrate when it comes to The Sixth Sense.

Now excuse me while I go watch it for the 440th time.

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