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The Wait Is Almost Over for Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered

Another horror related videogame on my ginormous horror videogame backlog

Well if it isn't the beloved Ghostbusters here for an ACTUAL comeback with a remaster of their video game that got mostly positive reviews to tag along with the rollout for the upcoming arrival of Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

I picked the title up on Epic myself as it was an early exclusive. I, of course played the original, and the remaster already. The game is a decade old. Has it aged well? Probably not. Is it tried and true to the Ghostbusters I.P? Hell yes!

Whatever the critics say I'm gonna rock out with my ectoplasmic blaster out anyway.

Now if you missed it for free on Epic and please don't purchase it on Epic, wait for it on Steam in just 8 days on November 17th! I promise!

I'm excited to play this through again. It's been a decade and I don't even think I've made it through the whole game. Through multiple fits of rage and getting lost, I will make my strongest attempt to make it all the way to the end, for Bill Murray.

You're getting exactly what you're getting with this game: a remaster, not a remake. Textures will be flat, gameplay loops will be maddening, and you're not going to get those quality of life mechanics were spoiled with today so any navigation will be annoying.

If gaming like how it was back in the day doesn't just mash your X and Y buttons then go pick up Luigi's Mansion 3, it's a lot easier.

It's whatever though. This is one of the few games from a movie adaptation that was actually good so don't turn a cheek and play this with some of your friends!

Are you ready to fight ghosts remastered style?