The Walking Dead Films Based Around Rick Grimes Could Receive A Hard R Rating!

Please. Please. Please let this be true.

It seems like we have been waiting forever for these Rick Grimes movies! If you haven't watched The Walking Dead in awhile, prepare yourself for spoilers.

Half way through season 9 of The Walking Dead, our main boy Rick got taken away in a helicopter. Where did he go? We don't know. But there is a lot we have learned since his departure. Mainly in the new spin-off show, The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

In World Beyond, we learned a lot about the group that owns the helicopter that took Rick away. We now know that they are called the CRM (Civic Republic Military). We know that they are present throughout the entire country of the United States to some extent. And that they are doing tests on people who have been bitten, but yet to be turned. Presumably they are trying to find a way to stop the spread of the infection once you're bitten.

And we do know that the CRM will be a main focus in the Rick Grimes films.

Another detail that we learned about the upcoming Rick films, is that they will receive a hard R rating! Which is a dream come true for Walking Dead fans.

This news comes from the Patreon account of Daniel Richtman, a pop-culture insider. Is he right? That is yet to be seen. And we haven't gotten official confirmation. But let's hope this is true! Because let's be honest, AMC would be shooting themselves in the foot if it's anything less than rated R.

The Rick Grimes films haven't started filming yet due to COVID delays. But the producers, the writers, the cast, and everyone involved is hard at work, and it should start production sometime in 2021!

Are you excited for some hard R Walking Dead??

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