The Walking Dead Hints At A Possible Return Of The Governor

He's still my favorite villain in the whole show.

David Morrissey portrayed The Governor beautifully in seasons 3 and 4 of The Walking Dead. And I've always wanted to see him return. He was the first real main villain of the series.

Well, in a way. Of course fan favorite character Shane Walsh is technically the first antagonist. Since everything he did caused problems and conflict for our main character, Rick Grimes. But The Governor was the first villainy villain.

The Governor was introduced when the show went through it's initial breakthrough. When the show had it's first huge spike in viewers, and became a household series. Anyone else remember when The Walking Dead was like Lost? And no matter who you talked to, they watched it and were dying to talk about.

The Governor was the best written villain in the show. He was brutal, and easy to hate. But you also felt for him, understood him, and even rooted for him at times. So I'm really excited to see him return.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead follow

You're probably wondering "how can he return? Isn't he dead?"

Well yes, yes he is dead. But incase you weren't aware, a new Walking Dead spinoff is in the works. The new series is called "Tales Of The Walking Dead", and it is intended to tell stories of characters throughout the entire shows history. Which could include The Governor.

And head of The Walking Dead, Scott Gimple, hinted at it recently during The Walking Dead Holiday Special on AMC+. He said:

"We're working on something with one of the great Walking Dead villains of all time, and it's coming together."

I think it's safe to assume he is referring to The Governor. Because it has already been confirmed that Negan is getting an origin story. And even though I love these characters, I doubt he's referring to Gareth, Alpha or Beta. But I would like to see new stories featuring them as well!

So, are you excited for the possible return of The Governor??

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