This Day In 2009, The Jamison Family Disappeared - A Strange Modern Mystery

One Of The Strangest Modern Mysteries.

On this day, October 8th, in 2009, the Jamison family disappeared from their home in Eufaula Oklahoma. And it became on of the most gripping, saddening mysteries of our modern times. The family consisted of three people, father Bobby, his wife Sherilynn, and their 6 years old daughter Madyson.

Here's what we know happened

The family was considering buying a 40 acre piece of land in Red Oak, 40 miles from their home in Eufaula. They went to visit the land on October 8th, and went missing. The last person to see them was a man who lived in the nearby woods, who told authorities that he saw nobody else in the area during that time.

The family was thinking about living in a storage container on the property. Why? Nobody knows.

On October 16th, eight days after the family went missing, a group of hunters discovered the family's truck in the woods. It was locked, and looked to be abandoned. Inside of the truck, authorities found Bobby's wallet, Sherilynn's purse, a GPS, and their cellphones. But that wasn't all. The family's dog was locked in the car, luckily it was still alive. And the strangest thing? $32,000 dollars in cash in a duffel bag underneath the drivers seat.

Footage was found from the family's security cameras. The footage, taken from the day they left, shows the Mother and Father packing their truck. But in an extremely strange way. They silently packed their truck with bags, never talking, and walking in a very robotic like way. The sheriff in charge of the case said they looked "trance like."

In the video, sometimes the couple just stopped moving and stared at nothing for several minutes. (Seen in the picture above.) The footage is extremely creepy to say the least.

The family was missing for 4 years. Until two hunters made a discovery.

In November 2013, two hunters were out in the woods looking for deer. What they found next is very disturbing. They found 3 partial skeletons. One of an adult male. The other was of an adult female. The third was of a young child. In 2014, it was confirmed that these bodies were indeed the Jamison's.

Their bodies were found less than three miles from where their truck was found 4 years prior.

No one knows for sure what happened to the family, but here is some of the most popular theories.

Theory #1 - They simply got lost in the woods.

A lot of people think that the family was just out scouting the local area, and couldn't find their way back. Although this theory raises many questions. Why did they leave their phones in the truck? How did they all die right next to each other?

This theory also loses some credibility when you find out the temperature in the area that night wasn't cold enough to cause hypothermia.

Theory #2 - A murder-suicide.

Apparently, in the truck, an 11 page letter was found. Written by Sherilynn, where she said some very negative things about Bobby. However this theory is turned down by people who knew the family.

According to Sherilynn's mother, they were good parents and would never have done anything to hurt Madyson. Sherilynn's mother believes that the family was murdered.

Theory #3 - They were murdered by Bobby's father.

Apparently things between Bobby and his father were not good. 6 months before they disappeared, Bobby filed a protective order against his father. According to the order, Bobby's father had threatened to kill him and his family on 2 different occasions. And Bobby also claimed that his father had hit him with his car in 2008.

Also in the order, Bobby stated "My entire family is severely scared for their lives. I am in fear at all times."

The order was dismissed by a judge in May 2009. And Bobby was in the middle of suing his father when they disappeared.

Theory #4 - They were murdered by a cult.

Sherilynn's mother believes they were murdered by a cult. And according to one of Sherilynn's closest friends, she received a phone call from a woman who claimed to be a member of a white supremacy group that kept a "hit list" of people who had been problems for them. She claims the Jamison family was on that list.

This theory seems to be one of the most popular amongst internet investigators.

Theory #5 - Something paranormal

Some people have claimed that the Jamison's were interested in Witchcraft. Apparently a "witch bible" was found in their home. And awhile after the family disappeared, graffiti was found on the storage container that read: "3 cats killed to date buy people in this area. Witches don't like there black cat killed."

And according to a local priest, Bobby confessed to him that he was reading a satanic bible. And this theory is also heightened by the creepy security footage previously mentioned.

According to some sources, Bobby has claimed to have 3-4 ghosts living in his house. And the aforementioned priest said Bobby once asked him about "special bullets to shoot spirits."

So which theory do you think is most likely? If you have any information about their disappearance, contact the local police departments!

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