This Is The DEFINITIVE Michael Myers Collectible

Take my money. Take all of my money.


From PCS Collectibles, this massive Michael Myers statue will cost you 575$ dollars. And if you don't think that's worth it... what's wrong with you?

The statue will be limited edition, though they haven't said how many pieces this will be limited to yet. But what we do know, is it's dimensions. It'll be 1:4 scale, and stand 23" inches tall. Evil casts a large shadow...

It'll be released sometime between February and April 2021 on Sideshow Collectibles. Which already guarantees 2020 will be better than 2020 :)

Pre-Order now HERE! Don't hesitate, just do it...

And if for whatever reason you haven't seen it already, watch Halloween by clicking on the pic below. (Even if you have seen it, watch it again. Do you even need to be told?)

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