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TNT's Snowpiercer Movie Adaptation Series Renewed Third Season

I haven't even finished episode 2...

TNT is way ahead of schedule for their Snowpiercer series!

When I heard about season 2 was the same day I heard about season 1. I have just started watching it because Bong Joon Ho's 'Snowpiercer' is one of my favorite movies off all time. I do enjoy the series so far and I was delighted to hear of yet another season announced!

For people who are ahead of the curve and have already seen season 1, January 25th is when season 2 premieres!

I am so excited to see Sean Bean as the villain.

Snowpiercer sets in a desolate future that follows a train making yearly rotations around the world housing the last known humans. They're seperated into class systems based off where in the train they reside. Throughout the show, those who live in the back of the train are severely mistreated and oppressed, forcing them to fight to gain control of the front of the train for survival.

I'm a huge fan of Jennifer Connelly and when I saw that she was a main character I was hooked! I recognize Daveed Diggs from a litany of shows and movies as well!

Does Snowpiercer the show do justice to the movie?

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