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TRAILER | 'Aliens: Fireteam' Transforms The Iconic 'Alien' Into A Explosive Multiplayer Shooter

It's time to get some of your friends together to blast away xenomorphs

Aliens: Fireteam is the newest game based on the Alien movies. This game looks similar in mechanics to World War Z the way massive amounts of xenomorphs come on screen at once to rush the player.

Alien games have had hits and misses. Hits being Alien Isolation and misses being Aliens Colonial Marines. This one looks to take us back to Aliens Colonial Marines. This will be a more modernized version of Aliens: Colonial Marines as they must know now what NOT to do.

A difference between this new game and the one before is we have a third-person view as in World War Z. The game dives heavily into the Aliens universe with campaigns that span over multiple locations with varying environments.

Aliens: Fireteam also promises to spice-up gameplay with plenty of different Alien enemy types. The developers don't want their game to go stale so they prevented that by implementing challenges throughout your playthroughs in the form of 'cards' so each playthrough isn't the same.

The story follows 23 years after the events of Alien 3.

Expect Alien: Fireteam to drop on PC, Xbox, and Playstation.

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