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TRAILER | A Virus Mutates Bats Into Human-Like Forms In 'Bats: The Awakening'

I have thoughts that this was inspired by the recent coronavirus outbreak

That is a terrifying bat-person. This year we have werewolves and such but why not bat-persons?

Scott Jeffrey and Rebecca Matthew's new creature-feature Bats: The Awakening will be a breath of fresh air for scares.

An alien virus that once wiped civilizations out in ancient times has returned overnight by a mysterious thunderstorm infecting all the bats in the area, causing them to grow into grotesque giant man-eating monster bats.

Megan Purvis, Georgia Conlan, Amanda-Jade Tyler, Marek Lichtenberg, Nicole Nabi, Mat Sibal, Ricardo Freitas, Kate Sandison, Venetia Cook, and Ellis Tustin star.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how excited are you about this movie?

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