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Trailer | Bloody Summer Camp Slasher Will Bring Felissa Rose Back

Here's a little bit more nostalgia for the Sleepaway Camp lovers

That's my face when I saw the trailer. But wait, let me tell you about it before jumping to the short-cut.

The film was done under Slasher 15 productions, who got Scary Movie's Dave Sheridan and Clown Motel's Anne Prescott to star alongside THE Felissa Rose.

Bloody Summer Camp will be a campy slasher flick that will take place in the 80s.

In 1986, a group of counselors gather at Camp Trustfall to prepare for the new Summer. Soon after arriving, a killer wearing a devil mask begins killing them off one by one. Is this the boy from the camp legend or is it someone else with an ax to grind?

- Writer, David Kerr

Here's the trailer you were waiting for...

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Which Sleepaway Camp film ruled overall?

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