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TRAILER | 'Cube' Japanese Remake Executive Produced By Vincenzo Natali

This looks amazing and I absolutely cannot wait...

Of course, the thumbnail is from the original Cube franchise starting with the first film released in 1997. The Cube is an iconic sci-fi horror film for its intense survival aspect on top of the world-building in the movies being close to none. All we know is the Cube, for the players inside the Cube, they know a world outside of the Cube that we don't know, therefore whatever drives them is pure survival.

The Cube falls under a sub-genre popularized by the Saw movies that traps victims and forces them to use every skill they have to escape death. If you're interested in the Cube series, there are 3, Cube, Cube 2: Hypercube, and Cube Zero.

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Vincenzo Natali executive produced the Japanese remake of Cube with Yasuhiko Shimizu directing. The film will be similar in plot to the original, as the plot synopsis holds to the original's premise.

A mysterious cube. 6 men and women are suddenly trapped in Cube. It’s unclear where this is, why they are trapped, whether there is an exit, whether they can survive, or what the room even is.

The Japanese Cube remake is set for release on October 22nd, 2021.

What would you name this Sub-genre?

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