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TRAILER | 'Dawn Of The Beast' Puts Bigfoot Against A Pack Of Wendigo

Because Godzilla vs. Kong isn't enough epic face-off for a year

Dawn Of The Beast will feature an epic face-off between two savage foes of humanity. Like Freddy vs. Jason, I'm sure there will be a lot of human casualties as well.

The film will be brought to you by Uncork'd Entertainment (Dreamland, The Dinner Party), here's a trailer to check out what's to come.

Adrian Burke, Ariella Mastroianni, and Grant Schumacher star.

Aiming to see Bigfoot, a group of students venture deep into an area of the Northeastern wilderness known for its strange creature sightings. Soon, they learn that there is a much more sinister evil lurking in the woods, the Wendigo, and once the spirit knows you’re there, they will come for you. Who will survive in a battle between the two most notorious monsters of the forest?

Dawn of the Beast will be available on April 6.

Who do you have your money on?

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