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TRAILER | Justice League Snyder "R" Rated Cut

I am so ready for 4 hours straight of intense visuals

The Snyder cut will double the run length of the 2017 Justice League movie and include some darker more R-rated content on top of the Darkseid addition and the anticipated return of Jared Leto's Joker. I said anticipated because this isn't the Suicide Squad Joker we've seen, this is a much more demented version.

On top of unseen footage from what Snyder wanted for the original film, we'll also be getting newly shot footage tailored for this cut. The additions reportedly added tens of millions to the overall budget.

Justice League features the banding together of Batman, Aquaman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg to save the world from Darkseid.

The Snyders cut will be available March 18th, 2021 exclusively on HBO Max.

Who's your favorite Justice League hero?

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