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Trailer | Netflix Red Dot Will Put Victims At The Mercy Of A Trained Sniper

Yes! Netflix coming at us with some more survival horror!

Red Dot follows a romantic couple on a getaway being tormented by the laser red dot attached to a sniper rifle owned by a man who really doesn't like romantic getaways.

After being warned by town locals of the hunter, the couple still seems adamant on their retreat. Worst of all, they have a dog with them. I hope they don't get the poor pup killed!

The Red Dot Netflix exclusive is coming on February 11th. Check out the trailer below!

David and Nadja attempt to rekindle their relationship on a romantic hiking trip to the North of Sweden. The trip quickly turns into a nightmare when a red laser dot appears in their tent, and they are forced to flee into the unforgiving wilderness pursued by an unknown shooter.

Did someone set up the couple? Who is the killer? Do they deserve it?

Alain Darborg directs as Anastasios Soulis and Nanna Blondell star.

Will this film make you fear a couple's retreat?

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