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TRAILER | 'Returnal' Flourishes Housemarque And Sony Interactives Sci-Fi Finesse

Exclusives like this make me want to cave and buy the PS5

Returnal is the newest most exciting Sci-Fi action title to come to the Playstation platform this year. Its graphics almost seem live-action, and the story, riveting. The trailer shows the game's beauty through its third-person view, as our protagonist trucks through ravenous extraterrestrial terrain.

Check out this fresh new look by developer Housemarque and Sony Interactive Entertainment for yourself.

In the trailer, our protagonist is stranded and forced to explore Atropos, a planet full of locations ravaged by extra-terrestrial life. Our protagonist's name is Selene, and she will have to trek through deserted citadels, barren wastes, and overgrown ruins.

Firstly announced in June 2020, Returnal will blend third-person shooting with Roguelike games and psychological horror. If you're unfamiliar with roguelikes, check out games like Hades, Dead Cell, or Slay the Spire to see if they blend to your taste. More details on the game soon.

What is the best Playstation exclusive to hit the platform so far?

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