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TRAILER | 'Silent Hill: Road Of Guilt' Will Be Your Proper Dose Of Silent Hill

You guys need to watch this trailer! I have high hopes!

We have just gotten the official trailer for Silent Hill: Road of Guilt fan film, directed by Ruben Abreu. The film is expected to release around the same time this year that Silent Hill 2 celebrates its 20th anniversary, in September.

This film is an incredible achievement, having positive buzz after it was made with no budget during a pandemic. The following trailer gives us an intense sneak peek of what's to come.

James Sunderland (played by Matt Perkins) recovers an old set of therapy sessions between himself and Dr. Finch. James then heads to a ley line hotspot where a rift has potentially opened between our realm and the realm of Silent Hill in order to take care of some “unfinished business.”

The premiere will occur on this Youtube channel so make sure you hit the subscribe button and like the Facebook page for updates!

What's the greatest low-budget horror movie ever made?

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