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TRAILER | 'Tales Of Science Fiction: HELL' Comic Series By John Carpenter launches First Issue

Carpenter has some out of this world sci-fi horror stories prepared

The first comic of 'Tales Of Science Fiction: HELL' has finally released and touts stories of John Carpenter and Sandy King.

In New York City, a massive monster is destroyed by a subway train… and its surviving reptilian companion can speak English. In Columbia, a scientist crawls up from the depths of the Earth, bringing news of a miraculous new mineral power source… and demons below. In Texas, a convicted murderer is spared at the last minute by an international conglomerate… which wants to organize an expedition to the center of the Earth, with him as a guide. Because like the scientist, he’s been there.

Any fan of John Carpenter's should pick this issue up immediately!

What horror director should illustrate stories for comics?

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