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TRAILER | 'Voyagers' Is An Erotic Sci-Fi Film From The Director Of Limitless

After people watch this trailer their going to want access to the 'blue'

Voyagers is Nymphomaniac in space!

The film boasts a huge cast of talented actors including Colin Farrel, Tye Sheridan, Chanté Adams, Isaac Hempstead Wright, Viveik Kalra, Lily-Rose Depp, and Fionn Whitehead.

Written and Directed by Neil Burger, Voyagers film discovers how people will act in disobedience by resorting to their most primitive natures.

The film looks to be a fever dream as we'll watch the lead characters experience madness as their hands or forced by existential means.

With the future of the human race at stake, a group of young men and women, bred for intelligence and obedience, embark on an expedition to colonize a distant planet.

Voyagers will be brought to you by Lionsgate on April 9th, 2021.

Watch or Don't Watch?

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