"Tremors: Shreiker Island" Is Going To Be A Thing

I wish I was on an island right now.

Preferably not with shreiker's, but still...

It was just announced that the official rating for the 7th Tremors film is PG-13... so don't expect too much blood and gore if that's what you're excited for. (And let's be honest, it probably is.)

Originally titled Tremors: Island Fury, the title is now Tremors: Shrieker Island.

No delay has been announced, so still expect this to drop sometime in October.

Are you a fan of the Tremors series?

The new film will be starring Michael Gross (All The Tremors Films), Richard Brake (Game Of Thrones, 31) and Jon Heder (That's right, Napoleon Dynamite himself).

If you wanna catch up on the series before the new one, which you should, click on the pic below!

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