'Unhinged' speeds its way to #1 as Theaters Begin Re-Opening

Not even COVID-19 can stop Russell Crowe

With the pandemic still raging across the United States resulting in both mass physical and financial causality, movie theaters have begin opening their doors once again.

With many people wondering what a post-pandemic landscape will look like for movie theaters or whether they will be able to come out alive at all, Unhinged was the unlikely candidate to try it out. With very little information about the movie leading up to it, this spur of the moment release from Solstice Studios took a massive chance releasing this aggressive road rage film.

With Russell Crowe's long background of the heroism in his stories, this was his chance to explore his darker side. And that he did... Have you ever wanted to see him go crazy on some random woman in a Brutal Thriller? See him get so angry at someone in traffic that he relentlessly chased her down? Then this movie is perfect for you.

Clearly this was the wish of many other people across the country as audience poured into newly open theaters resulting in an estimated $4.1M in the United States (In 1,800 locations) and $13M globally. For a movie that was previously unknown and with theaters only allowed to open at 30%-50% capacity, this is huge.

Joining Unhinged in theaters this weekend will be The New Mutants, the film that many never believed would come out. It seems like a fever dream, the question is, can The New Mutants speed passed Unhinged to take the top crown? If they did they'd probably have to worry about Russell Crowe running them down...

What do you think of theaters being open during this? Will you be seeing any new movies in theaters? Let us know in the comments!

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