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Update | Resident Evil Village Release Date And Showcase

Official information revealed on one of the most anticipated horror games for 2021

Resident Evil: Village is launching May 7th, 2021. They are working hard to have the game available on all consoles, last and next generation. What's pretty awesome is that owners of previous generation copies can upgrade for free to next-generation copies.

The eighth installment to Capcom's Resident Evil series and tonight we just got a release date and some information about the game. Recently, they threw witches, werewolves, zombies, and absolutely whatever else at us so we're honestly wondering how all of this is going to work.

From reading comments and seeing all of you react on polls, a lot of you are big fans of the survival horror series. I can't wait to bring some more updates on the game once they come around.

PS5 owners have access to a Resident Evil: Village demo starting today! Later in the year will other console and PC owners get access to this demo!

Who else is excited to see Resident Evil Village hit their gaming consoles?

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