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Update | Showtime's Dexter Reboot Cast Revealed

2021 starts off with some more news on one of the most talked about upcoming shows

A lot of you are very excited for Showtimes Dexter revival. We all know what it's liked to have an ending to something we love not go as expected. For some, it was Dexter, for others, Game of Thrones.

On top of being assured we will be in good hands, we also got an awesome lineup for the cast to stand alongside Michael C. Hall who's reprising his role. Oh, don't forget about Clancy Brown as Kurt Caldwell, the show's villain.

The Mandalorian's Julia Jones will play as Angela Bishop. Alano Miller, Johnny Sequoyah, and Jack Alcott were also named.

A big reveal for the setting too as we learned Julia Jones character Angela Bishop is playing an American chief of police in upstate New York.

Are you a Dexter fan?

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