VIDEO | 'Army of the Dead' Zombies Took Over WWE Event Last Night... The Footage is INSANE!

This is Simply The Best Marketing Ever.

Even if you are not a fan of the WWE, you have to admit, this is an AMAZING gimmick and extremely creative. Whoever developed this idea deserves an award. During last nights WrestleMania Backlash we witnessed history.

As a promotion for Zack Snyder's new Netflix original zombie film, Army of the Dead, zombies forced their way into the arena, attacking the wrestlers.

For those who don't watch WWE, a Lumberjack Match sees wrestlers competing inside the ring while people outside the ring ensure no one can leave. The twist this time was... The Lumberjacks were flesh eating. Of course after the match between The Miz and Damian Priest, The Miz gets devoured by the zombies.

The question is, will The Miz make a return, maybe even as a zombie? "Dave Bautista, former WWE superstar and star of Army of the Dead, had teased earlier in the night that some “friends” would be showing up at the event, and he later humorously responded to fans criticizing the marketing stunt and his involvement. This is hardly the first time WWE has gone “full supernatural,” of course, with some fans loving it and others hating it."


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