Video Game Based On Real Life Zodiac Killer Gets Release Date!

This Is The Zodiac Speaking...

If you weren't aware, a video game is being made about the real life mysterious Zodiac Killer!

The Zodiac Killer was a serial killer who operated around the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1960's. He taunted the police and new papers with hand written letters, and mementos from his killings.

In his letter he claimed to have killed over 37 people, though only 5 killings have been confirmed to be linked to the Zodiac.

Despite the fact he sent hand written letters, cyphers that have yet to be solved, and possibly left behind a fingerprint at one of the crime scenes, to this day his identity is unknown.

But maybe we can find out who he is in the new "This Is The Zodiac Speaking" Video Game!!

Punch Punk Games have been developing a FPP style video game. The game will include elements of stealth, detective work, and horror! You will play as fictional journalist Robert Hartnell. (I wonder if the character will be related to real life Zodiac attack survivor Brian Hartnell.)

The game has finally received a release date. That date is October 15, 2020! It will be released on PC and all consoles!

Will you be playing??

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