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'Visage' The P.T Silent Hill Revival Is Now Available

Here's the closest thing to the extremely popular P.T Silent Hill demo

Visage is a first person psychological horror game where you explore a house that seems to change while you're in it. It's atmospheric, it's terrifying, and it's influenced by a demo released by Konami that got everyone going crazy.

P.T Silent Hill didn't end up getting released so all fans had was the demo that til this day seems to still scare the living crap out of people. The demo got enough hype and attention that SadSquare Studios pieced together Visage, the game that's closest to what was supposed to be Konami's Silent Hill game.

The game will take 15 hours or more to complete as it's just reached full release on Steam (PC), Xbox Store, and Playstation. Here's a trailer for more convincing.

Are you brave enough to enter this insane nightmare?

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