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'Whispering Hills' Is A Silent Hill Inspired Fallout 4 Mod

There's no reason you shouldn't come back and check this one out

This is insane. I need more horror mods from Fallout 4 after this one. Silent Hill has recently come to the fallout world with Whispering Hills.

The first episode of the series, developed by Mangaclub, has just been released and is ready for you to explore some Silent Hill easter eggs. You'll see a lot of familiar elements from the series including the Midwitch Elementary School from the first game on top of Mumblers, Nurses, and more Silent Hill creepies!

The Silent Hill doesn't stop there. Mangaclub took extra care in creating an atmosphere that works by adding in some original soundtrack and ambient sounds from the series!

These aren't Steam workshop mods for only Nexus Mods has this Silent Hill episode available.

Are you as excited to check out this Silent Hill as I am?

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