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'Willy's Wonderland' Questions Answered About Nicolas Cage's Character

Updated: Feb 20

Highlighted information from a recent exclusive interview with Bloody Disgusting

We loved Willy's Wonderland at The Bloody Pulp and have a first Impression and spoiler review on our Youtube page. This film is great because while the animatronics were deeply explained in the film, Nicolas Cage's character wasn't and it didn't help that he didn't speak a single word in the film.

The best theory is that Cage was a child who had a traumatic experience at Willy's Wonderland and he came back to avenge his parents. His having this PTSD as a child would explain him not saying a word, his excessive soda intake, and his gaming habits.

Bloody Disgusting got the opportunity to Interview creator G.O Parson's, to shed some light on what was left in the dark throughout the film. I'll do my best to highlight the important bits but the full interview is available to you here on Bloody Disgusting.

Here I highlight the answers to the most burning questions. I do highly suggest reading the full interview on Bloody Disgusting's page because it really is amazing the film's backstory.

Parson's started the interviewer by explaining that he himself started out as a playwriter. Push comes to shove, and his peers convince him to make a movie. He lists he wants to make a horror film because "A horror movie is practical because everyone’s naturally drawn to a horror movie. And a horror movie is a little bit more forgiving if the budget is a little lower. Third, it needs a character that everyone can relate to. And that was the Janitor."

A question that burned so hot it hurt was answered by Parson as well. Why doesn't the janitor talk? Parson told Bloody Disgusting that, "The honest answer is that I thought I was going to have to be doing all of the cast and crew basically by myself. I thought I was going to have to set up the camera, and then play the role of the Janitor, and I didn’t want to learn that many lines! That’s the true origin of it!"

As a debut filmmaker, Parson was in a creative paradise. He felt as if he could create anything, write whatever, and break boundaries while he was it. He talks about how he, "wanted a movie where the villains, who are super-powerful, just get their asses kicked from the start!"

Making the movie happen was almost a miracle and getting Nicolas Cage pivotal in creating this instantaneous classic. It's thanks to casting agent Venus Kanani who gave the script to Nicolas Cage who read the script and responded, "‘I’m one hundred percent in! This is gonna be fun and fantastic, and I want to be this Janitor.’” This was a challenge to Cage as he's never done a silent role.

A deleted scene that Parson describes is actually very interesting and foreshadows a potential sequel. Parson describes that "after he leaves Willy’s Wonderland, I had him pull out a journal. He opens the journal, and in it are all the most haunted places on Earth. Places like the Winchester Mystery House, and so on. Then he takes this Sharpie and crosses out ‘Willy’s Wonderland".

Lastly, Bloody Disgusting asks "What in the hell is the deal with the Janitor and his soda?!"

Parson replies, “He just really likes it. We all have our vices, and his is Punch Pop.”

Should The Janitor have a spot next to icons like Ash Williams and Van Helsing?


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