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You Could Get $1000 To Do What You Already Do - Watch Horror Movies

This Halloween, get treated to endless candy, because life is good as a horror fan

I have some very good news pulp cult! CableTV.com and Highspeedinternet.com are paying $1,000 for people to binge-watch horror for 24 hours straight this Halloween! Now as much as this is good news there are only five slots remaining and The Bloody Pulp Team will be filling those last slots. So, try again next year!!

Of course, I'm kidding. Here is a little more information we found.

Your application process is short but there are a few requirements, such as being a U.S citizen, being over 18. A quick bio shall also be filled out either on the websites listed above. Finally, and this is why you're here, you must be a big horror fan.

You will be able to chose the movies you watch for the marathon as long as you're livestreaming the event.

Maybe it'll be good to finally get that subscription to Shudder for this one, huh?

Fans will receive lots of candy and a Starbucks gift card to keep them awake for this most bingey occasion.

What movies would you watch for a 24 hour marathon?

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