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Yuoni Is A Japanese Survival Horror Game That I Would Love To Play Right Now

because I love being chased by creepy spirits in haunted Japanese settings

Earth is home to many places of horror none of which amount to what Japan can pull off. It looks like Yuoni is going to be a new nightmare taking inspiration from Japan's myths and ghost stories.

Tricore recently announced Yuoni for old and current generation consoles including PC. Here is the link to the game's website: https://www.yuoni.net/

Following the events of Yuoni: Rises, you enter 1990 Japan in a first-person perspective as Ai, seemingly trapped in a purgatory state that takes place in her old classrooms. The game then follows the still defenseless Ai into the real world once she escapes the dream state.

Ai is an unusual protagonist, being a fifth-grader. As the player, you will be doing classroom themed tasks while evading darkness, collecting items to help you through the world. These hellish children's games will be the majority of the gameplay mechanics in order to save Ai's life.

Would you like to see this game on the Twitch stream once it's released next Spring 2021?

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