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Zack Snyder Teases new Look For The Joker In New Justice League Director's Cut Photo

This is far different from the Suicide Squad depiction

The highly anticipated Justice League cut is scheduled to release premiere on HBO Max in March of this year, 2021. We're suspecting the release to be on the 18th due to another photo released showing a broken grave with 3.18.21 marked on it. Fallen - Risen - Reborn.

On top of the photos hinting at a release date, Zack Snyder posted a photo of the Joker today on Twitter.

In this image, we see the Joker holding up the Joker card. We have a blurred depth of field where we only see the foreground, and therefore the background (Joker's face) is blurred. From what I can make out of the Joker's face, we're definitely not getting the colorful and exuberant Suicide Squad Jared Leto. This man looks to be in a straight jacket with dark black hair. His face looks abnormal, and monstrous like he's wearing a mask.

Who's excited about Justice League Director's Cut?

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